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I've missed being on this site and I do believe my ADD has alot to do with it....

Simply put I get bored and go off looking for another FIX to dive into! Wether it's knowledge about this ADD  that I have or MANY other things, I just find myself getting BORED!

I hate this trait about myself so I decided to Google about having ADHD/ADD & Boredom! I'm relieved and sadden to know that there is a commonality between the two.

On 1 hand it's awesome to know I'm not crazy and this is very common then on the other hand I feel like, "How on earth am I going to be able to NOT get bored"

It can be the craziest of things from my friends, to my home, the city & state I live in, to even (& I feel SO ashamed to say this one) my family.

I will  say this (about family) it's not my mate or my kids for crying out LOUD I have a new beautiful baby 7weeks old and 3girls!!!!! It's the daily process of it all that others seem to find wonderful and they run on their schedules and do the daily duties with glee inside them~I just happen to feel bored one min & then not feeling bored and love every minute of it.

I'm tired of IT!

How selfish it makes me feel to have this battle inside me about everything!

Have you ever had someone speak to you and you begin to ZONE OUT???? Not purposely but it's like drifting away into my own mind with my own thoughts and then BAM the person snaps me back with a question about what they were speaking on and I sort for some (hopefully unnoticed) remark like, "Wow and then what?" or this one in which I am somewhat honest I'll say, "I'm confused tell me that last part again" UGHHHH!


Knowing that there is a lack of dopamine in my brain helps me to understand this endless cycle I'm on but now what?

Some out there has to know what I'm talking about and go through something like this, what do you do to help this and satisfy your need for renewal in all that you do to keep it all (life) interesting.


Our minds tend to go faster then we can fly and I just want to be able to enjoy each precious moment I have, living in the present and not focused on when will this end, or now what can I do???


Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated~~~Thank you very much ladies


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I am terrible for getting bored in discussions and try to hurry them on. or i know what they are going to say and switch off. or worse Butt in when I think they've finished talking and they have not! I get told this is rude and annoying!
Sometimes i am bored but can not focus enough to do anything. even something that i love, like my drawig and painting! I have lots of interests that are passing fads, due to my boredom. I've learnt to spend as little on them as possible. or sell on olditems to fund my new interests.
The worst bit is socialy, i arrange to do something, and then suddenly have no enegry or interst to do it! how i keep hold of friends and boyfriends i do not know. I have a geat family, and my boyfriend understands me, he's a bit similar to me and does things on the spur of the moment which i like.

UGH.  Huge problem for me too, I can't stand routine.  I even look forward to dentist appointments because at least it is not the same day as yesterday.  It is better now that I work but when my children were little like yours and I was at home with them there were days that I did not know if I would make it.  It was very very challenging, a tough few years of my life.


I am not much help here at all, I still have trouble with routine, it exhausts me.  But photography saved me from certain death of boredom and kept my interest for a long time after, longer than anything else I ever tried. (I am now a professional photographer and get bored with it plenty but when I can focus I can make it NOT boring)    I don't think there's anything wrong with starting new things and not finishing them.  I hated that I did that, but now when I see that it was a part of my figuring out what I wanted to do, I see it differently.  I think we all just need to do projects that interest us until they don't anymore - and don't beat ourselves up if we don't finish.  Also I tried to get out of my house as often as possible- library, museums, the mall, the beach, hikes, anywhere but being at home.  It didn't always work but it worked enough to keep me from refusing to get out of bed in the morning, or running away to a deserted island never to return.  


Meds helped a lot with this.  I can sit in a room with my family and engage with them without a computer on my lap, the news on, and a magazine next to me all at once.  I don't feel like crying when I have to clean a closet or see a large laundry pile.  I can cook dinner, sort of, without feeling like swearing, I stress sort of.  I delegate as much as possible of the chores that I hate the most- I have a housekeeper and I just hired someone to do my grocery shopping.  


Hope this helps a little!  


And I just wrote this whole thing and realized you asked this question a year ago.  Well, better late than never I guess!


Hi Alli, like you i hate routine. but i have to have routine or i flounder. so i have a routine that is ridgid enough to get things done. somethings roll on to the next day that are not URGENT. i hate being stuck indoors and go to museums library. parks. I like taking photo's that I can paint. i like to wander around and have people and noise to stimulate me. but if i am in a coffee shop and it gets too much noisy i find it hard to stay and drink my coffee and ask for it to be transferred into a take out cup!lol

I also found it hard to focus during my mates gig. he knows i am adhd and he was good about it. i sat on the end of the ailse fidgetting & texting my dad lol

I just hate feeling bored and often have to do man things at once to focus. I have the radio on vv low whilst typing this. if it was loud it would distract me. i am pausing to text my mate too. I just hate being bored. it worse on meds too as i know i should be doing something. boredom is soo not adhd friendly!!

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