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Not sure this is funny in a traditional sense, but it always makes me giggle at myself and gets my bf laughing because I'm dancing in my chair.


I often get so into surfing the internet or playing online, hyperfocusing I guess, that I'll start squirming in my chair before realizing that I need to go to the bathroom.  It's so bad that you have to sit still and tighten all your muscles for a minute before being able to get up and walk to the restroom.


It can also happen when I'm painting, writing or even dancing.  It feels like part of me forgets or doesn't realize what's going on until it's almost too late.


I've always made it to the restroom so far so that's why it's more funny / amusing than a problem lol.  :)

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omg I thought it was just me haha! I think, I should go pee, but then I get distracted and forget. LOL (laugh or cry moment I think)
Have a friend at work that has ADHD as well but she's dealt with it for a lot longer than I have so I when I first met her and became instant friends she told me to do her a favor and tell her when she's fidgeting at her desk.  The first time I said "fidgit" she looked at me like Huh?  "Fidgit"  Oh! she says I have to go pee.  I thought I'd fall out of my chair.  Now I just say "go pee".  Which makes more sense to me to say than fidgit.
Lol!  :)
ive always held  it but everyone always said depends r in your future.
Yeah...the whole aging bladder thing isn't funny.  I hope by the time I need those things, they'll be prettier.  Now they just look like diapers.  Ugh.

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