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Okay, About a month ago I ran out of my meds, I take 3 Strattera every morning ( soposse to anyway). I thought I had another bottle, but sure enough I realized I only had a week left. So I call my Dr office, I have no insurance so I have to go to the clinic.

Because I recently moved here and I don't have my old med records,they said I have to goto Behavioral health for diagonosis before they can fill the Rx. So I guess they want me to go again, Fine. Well I have been trying to make an appointment with them since before Thanksgiving, phone tag about once a week. This is terrable customer service, and now all this is leading to my anxiety and depression coming back. I don't know what to do, I don't have the $$ to go to a Dr. on my own, and now I am feeling desperate and in tears. Because with out my meds I feel like my life is crumbling around me, I am not taking care of myself or my house, and I am finding it difficult to make important decisions. And I keep picking fights with my boyfriend, who is very sweet by the way, because of the anxiety and frustration. I can't think clearly and I need advise. Plus I also feel anxious about talking to someone new, and asking for help, because it make me very emotional.

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Hey Jennifer. I know how hard it is to be without insurance trying to just get back to normal. My first advice is call your old drs office, from where you moved, and find out what you need to do to have your medical records sent to the new drs office. Usually they require a signed paper stating you release your records. You can usually fax this to them. Then call the NEW Drs office back. Tell them you are having the records sent and that you need an appt ASAP. This is a busy time of year for Psych docs because holidays while they are great for some people they are hard on others. I can tell if I miss my meds for a day, I am always snapping at my husband (who is amazing and usually handles it awesome), I am stuck on the couch, and I cant handle my animals. So I can imagine how hard it is being off for a month. You are not alone. We all have to struggle with the same issues. I wish I could give you more advice. I am always here if you need to talk, just email me. :)

Thank you, it is nice to just be heard. I do want to see a new shrink bc the Strattera although very helpfull for the ADD was causing bad side affects (extreme constipation), so I may want to switch meds. But to what I don't know. Only thing is I don't know if I want to go to them since I can't even get them on the phone to get an appt. What if they put me on a new med and something bad happens, and then I can't even get a person on the phone?


What I would do is when you go in there tell the dr what a hard time you had getting ahold of them. Tell them you are worried its going to happen again and ask the dr if there is a way you can directly get in touch with them. I know a lot of drs will have an email address you can contact them through. Changing meds is hard, but its just trial and error. Some people work better on stimulants (me) and some people dont. Some people need more psychotherapy and less meds. It just depends on the person. :)

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