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I am 17 years old. I always feel the need to focus on something. I have ADD. I struggle to pay attention in school or anything similar to school. I feel as if my whole life is revolved around my laptop. I play games, watch videos, and I will sometime chat to friends. I struggle to focus on doing these things though. I will watch half a video and then quit. I will IM friends for 5 minutes then I will get bored and tell them I have to go. Its frustrating. I cant sit down and watch TV. There are very few exceptions to this. I only have two good friends and they both work at McDonalds. I have a job but I only work on week days. I sit at home alone on the weekends. I eat, play on the computer, get up and walk the dog, eat some more, play on the computer, eat more, play on the computer some more, listen to music, eat, and ect. You get it. Its a downward spiral. Especially for someone who is trying to lose weight. I cant play sports because school sports are every day after school. I work at those times. I want something that can keep me moving, meet new friends, and fit into my schedule. If you cant think of anything that fits this can you at least give me a suggestion of some hobbies I can do in the house that will distract me from the computer and food and keep my busy mind at ease. Thanks:)

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It's so hard when you can't focus long enough to do anything.  Eating from boredom isnt good for you and the lap isnt either,  but as you said its just something a fidgety mind does.  been there done that


my daughter just started to knit and to crochet.  she does get bored at times and stop one project and start another one,  but she has many things she has accomplished to knit


she likes crafts also and baking


when I was bored I would like to clean.  small intriquite things.  I took things apart to clean.  I cleaned things that weren't the everyday thing.  like the ceiling fan,  all of the glass knick knacks, doing the mirrors  the windows,  picture frames and the glass,  the lamps,  clean the sinks.  I would organize things under the sink, the drawers,  the closet,  the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen,  the movies and magazines


some people dont like to do this kind of thing,  but gardening is nice and relaxing.  weeding the flower gardens or even starting a flower garden for your Mom.  are there any things that your parents need done and just dont have time to do?   how about your grand parents.  


meeting friends that have something in common  is easier if you meet them while doing some thing you like,  such as tennis or skiing.


Is there any elderly neighbors that have a hard time walking their dogs or cleaning and would like some help?


what about taking up an instrument?    any neighbors that have small children that need someone to amuse them for a bit.   are you good at math or reading?  you can do some extra work with kids that are having a hard time with these subjects. 


how about helping reading with adults that cant read.  


I always liked to paint.  I like to be creative.  I dont have the time right now to paint but its very relaxing and I am trying to get all this house stuff in order to give me the time to be able to just relax and paint. 


Im not one to watch tv anymore .  I like to walk the dogs and ride the horse.  I actually like to do laundry but lately I just dont enjoy much of anything,  I guess its because Im so behind on every thing that most things seem like a chore lately

Hi: I am an older ADD person.  I have always done art projects and watched TV at the same time.  My family always watched TV from a round table and would play cards, write, what ever, just multi tasking because it is too boring to just do one thing. I now know that my Mom also had ADD, just didn't have a name in her day. Anyway, my worst fear is to not have a project. So have a drawing going and your laptop set to Twitter and the TV on.  Walking around the mall window shopping, dancing to the radio, or going to live music (drinking seven-up and fruit juice), and dancing up by the band, all moving around. Multi tasking has saved my sanity.
To be honest with you, since you say you cant do sports because they are everyday and you work why don't you try making your own exercise regime. I have daily exercises or whatnot that I do and make it a habit for myself to burn off any stress, nerves, energy, etc.. that I have so I can look good at the end and then actually refresh me and my mind physically and mentally. I am a 28 year old single mother who works full time and goes to college full time...trust me if I can find the time you can. Now as far as meeting people and such...you say you don't work weekends, well that's awesome! First, you need to assess yourself and decide what type of person you are, dislikes, likes, etc.... knowing who you are or making it a point to find out on the road to self discovery is very important and especially someone who has ADHD (TRUST ME BEEN THERE). I would say on the weekends enroll in some classes at the YMCA to do Pilates or yoga...or for home life maybe scrap booking. The bottom line is it sounds like you need to implement some type of schedule or daily regime that makes you have to push yourself...you need a goal oriented approach...start off small by saying for example- I will do 30min. of yoga four times this week. Then make a reward. Self discipline! You got it girl...make yourself busy...volunteer, make that college application look good! My advice the one day your on the computer use it not to chat or Facebook or twitter...but to find ideas and local happenings! 

Have you tried horse back riding?  To start, a therapeutic riding program would be awesome for someone with ADHD.  Funny thing, I was helping out at a therapeutic riding center - ADHD kids work really really well with horses, and all along having no idea that I could have benefited from the session also!


I do take riding lessons and I find that it can keep my attention. If you are training with a good teacher, they will show you how to speak to a horse in the most subtle of ways, so it takes a lot of concentration.  It has been very good for me.  It took me a really long time to learn how to bridle and saddle a horse- for some reason I just could not remember all the steps, but the riding just clicked for me.  

I am sure there are a gazillion other things that you can do so don't worry if you have no interest in horses.  Something will come up.   


I also think that Renee's idea of an exercise program could be really good- I have had trouble with this in the past- I have a hard time keeping my mind focused on the workout, I think about all the other things that need to be done and I often would not finish.  But I did do P90X all the way through from start to finish this summer and for some reason this particular program worked for me.  Maybe look to see if there's anything that keeps your attention enough.  p90X has a different video every day so it helps to not get so bored with it- maybe look for something like this that isn't so routine.  I hate routine.  It kills me.  


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