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Hello!  Glad to be here. And if you think my nic is strange, I am watching hockey right now!  Multitasking!

I'm 35 and have determined that I have ADD with maybe the H thrown in because I can't sit still (I figure that at least I'm burning some calories if I'm constantly bouncing my right leg up and down).  Probably depression too.  While it's a relief to know that I am not nuts or lazy, I'm now at the point where getting started on changing my life has me paralyzed. 

Of course, I already have many thoughts in my brain:  Should I bring the professional organizer back for another visit to get rid of my clutter (and eat ramen for a month) or try to do it myself?  Do I need meds?  If so, should I see a psychiatrist?  Or should I see a psychotherapist or counselor instead and get meds from my primary care doctor?  Regardless, what if I can't find a good person for me who takes my insurance and is actually taking patients?  I've wasted my money!  How long will it take to figure out the meds I should be on?  And on and on and on it goes. 

So far the solution has been to contemplate, which equals paralysis.  I did reach out to a larger behavioral medicine practice in the area and they aren't taking new patients.  Sigh. 

I appreciate any insights or experiences you'd like to provide on how to get started.  And as I look at various discussion boards I hope I'll be able to contribute things that others will find useful!

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You should always go to a psychiatrist for med management. and of course, you should also see someone for counseling.  Most family docs dont know enough to give you proper meds with proper doses.   Sometimes, it takes time to find the right therapist.  In addition, meds do work differently for different people - it's trial and error for types of meds and doses - I was incorrectly diagnosed by at least 6 therapists - its always anxiety an depression.  Then 4 years ago at age 63 - my boss diagnosed me -  so, it doesn't matter who you see first - the therapist or the shrink, just see someone and get help

I finally have an appointment to see a psychiatrist but it isn't for another month.  At least I've leaped over that hurdle and found someone who is taking patients.

That's the biggest thing.  During this time, write down your symptoms and wen you notice them.  This maybe helpful in the diagnosis process.  I've been doing that about the side effects of medication as I regulating onto them.  But I'd write it on something you'd be willing to give to them or have them make a copy of....

Just suggestions :-)

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