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I had a chance to read Robert Whitaker's Anatomy of An Epidemic not too long ago and I'll say it really has given me some insight into ADHD and the way I treat it (30 mg Adderall XR 2x a day).  I kind of like the medication and have really enjoyed the progress I've been making with it, so I wasn't really all that ready to hear about the rise of the pharmaceutical companies or how inexact the science of creating and taking a medication to market really is.  I was most interested to read about the cozy relationship that CHADD has with some of the pharmaceutical companies - which is covered in the book. 


I found the book well-researched and it did win a good number of awards in 2010.   I found mp3 version of the audio book that I was able to download recently and it gave me some new insight into what I'd read as well.  I'd highly recommend the book - it goes a little beyond ADHD, but if you or someone you know is dealing with other Mental Health issues, it might be fascinating for you to dive into.  


Here is the link to the audio version of the book:Anatomy of An Epidemic


What books have you read or consumed on Mental Health issues that you think are worthwhile?



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wouldn't this be a violation of copyright? which would be a violation of the user agreement?

Linking to a file isn't a violation of copyright.  A violation would be for a person to use that link to download and consume a copyrighted item without paying the copyright holder.  The laws of copyright are very clear about this. 


If you aren't comfortable with that and would prefer I remove the link, please do let me know.  You could do so via private message or you could do so via a reply.

Cleo said:

wouldn't this be a violation of copyright? which would be a violation of the user agreement?

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