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Just diagnosed and started Strattera today. Just wondering if anyone has had much success on it. My mental health psychologist recommended taking a stimulant, but my Dr wanted to try strattera, stating there isn't a stimulant FDA approved, which I'll check into myself. I don't mind a non stimulant if it helps. I just want what ever works best for "me".

So anyone having success with Strattera?


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I was given 30 mg for the first 3 days and then bumped up to 60. It is definitely helping me. I am much better able to read and write. I am more present and personable in conversations. And generaly more organized and 'with it'. At first it made me feel funny (speedy) but I am feeling more comfortable with how I feel on it now. I have been on the full dose for a little over a month and a half. The thing I dislike most about it is that it makes me feel tired when I am exerting myself (dancing or climbing stairs). If the fatigue doesn't go away I will try to get on something else. I want my doctor to add a low dose of Adderall to see what happens or I want to try a stimulant by itself.

jo elleman said:
I was started at 25 mg of Strattera about 3 years ago and I believe it was raised after about a month to 40. At that point I was simply amazed at the realization that the fog had cleared! It was then raised to 60 after which I reported even better results. The Dr. stopped raising the dosage at 80 mg. I am sure no one will approve of this but after being on it for quite some time, I no longer felt that it was helping alot and while it is a relatively mild drug, wasn't thrilled with the list of side effects. So I took myself off of it. This was not only very dumb without the knowledge of a Dr., but the withdrawals were gruesome! I had splitting migraines and drastic mood swings, mostly plummeting downward. And when that wore off, I was forced to remember what I was like without the Straterra. I had forgotten just how flakey and scattered I HAD BEEN. So it really does help but it is subtle and its hard to put my finger on just how. It doesn't seem to have any effect until I realize that I have just kept my nose to the grindstone until the job was done. But I still take 3 times as long as anyone else to get there. I do feel that I am more confident and talkative. All in all I think it is not as effective as it started out to be.

SweetMommaJ said:
Hi everyone,
Just curious to those who have tried Strattera....what was your starting and ending dose? My doctor said sometimes people are started on too low of a dose to see the benefits and it takes quite some time for the effects to be noticed. I added Strattera to my cocktail of drugs this week. So interested in everyone's thoughts. Thanks. SMJ
hi andie!
I LOVED strattera! however, i had some really serious side effects: insomnia and raynaud phenomenon (constriction of capilaries in your hands so much so that one is hot and one is cold.) The insomnia was so bad my body was just shutting down from lack of rest. Strattera really helped with anxiety and made me feel very much "alive" mentally, although not a stimulant.

I have been put on Concerta because of the side effects and it is good, but takes a while to really work.

Good luck with Strattera, and remember, it might take a month or more to see results, so be patient.
AGREED! I started taking Concerta (was on Strattera) and at first I was so irritable and caffeine makes me just a bundle of nerves!

Finally! said:
I"ve had great success w/ Concerta. I take 36mg once a day. There is a pamphlet about the medication and it shows a graph of the levels of medication in your system throughout the day; at first, honestly I didn't pay much attention, but then I started paying attention to how I work; when I get "pissy" throughout the day and sure enough, it corresponds to the medication being higher or lower in my system. Too much caffeine throughout the day also wreaks havoc on my system; as does not eating enough throughout the day; MEDS work, but I still must pay attention to what I eat, make list(s), etc.......Hope this helps.
HEllo Andie, Elizabeth, welcome. is it working for you.
I do not mean to scare you but I am not a fan of Strattea. My daughters' best friend developed a very noticeable TICK, it was like she has Torrets Syndrome. Before that I was given the medication and it brought on almost all of the warning signs on the list , that came with the medication. I was the worse case scenario. My child's BFF, well its the parents decision and the ticks did not go away like the doctor said. I was upset over this. After a year of ticks the child had to discontinue the usage of the medication , and the ticks finally went away after six months of being Strattea free. Please be careful.
Yeah. I was in a chemistry course and I just could not keep focused on something so boring. On the tenth day on Strattera it kicked in and I could comprehend it all and stay focused. But it did not make me clean my house or do anything helpful outside of study so I did not stay on it. A diet drug called benzamphetamine did that but I can not get a doctor to give it to me as some people get addicted. I never did. I really wish I could get this stuff for ADD. It was best. Does anyone know of anyone who has used it for that?
I tried Strattera a long time ago. It is not a stimulant like other drugs for ADHD. Though this drug can improve attention span and concentration for some people, it never worked for me. Some doctors are hesitant about starting patients on stimulant medication. The main concern over stimulant meds are the cardiovascular risks. All of these stimulant medication have to be approved by the FDA before they are put on the market. I don't know why your doctor told you this. My blood pressure does run a little higher on the Vyvanse I take. But, this is not a problem. My blood pressure was always low in the past.
Terry, youre the expert here I would guess......:You ever heard of benzphentamine aka Didrex for ADD? Do You know where I can get it for ADD?

Terry Matlen, ACSW said:

My my my. Your doctor needs to become educated in ADHD medications. Or better yet, maybe you should consider switching doctors.
There are many stimulants that are approved for adults with ADHD. See the chart (only Strattera is a non-stimulant)


I have been on 40 mg Straterra for the past 4 months.  It has helped some, but I still don't feel my best. I can focus better, but any kind of noise is still distracting whether I am at home or at work.    I am not sure if the stimulants would help if added to treatment.  Does anyone have any experience with Straterra pluls a stimulant?

Strattera works for me. I went from 40 mgs. to 60 mgs because it wasn't lasting long enough and the 60 did it fore me.  I have heard of some people also taking a milder stimulant later on during the day with their non-stimulant meds.

One thing I have heard is that for people who've never been on stimulants strattera works very well. My daughter had very good success on it, just got stomach aches.  

L. Lunette --- I had to take my Strattera with food on my stomach otherwise I'd have stomach aches too.

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