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So, since I'm always short of time, especially in the morning, I decided to try that Go-GURT stuff.  For those who don't know, it's "portable yogurt" in a long skinny tube so you can eat it without a spoon.  It's been a great time-saver - until today.  This morning I had plenty of time and I was sitting on the couch eating a Go-GURT (as opposed to eating while I'm driving like I usually do).  The cat was pacing on my lap, so I blame him.  Somehow or other I must have squeezed the tube too tight.  I got strawberry yogurt in my eye, a huge glob in my hair, then some fell out of my hair and slid down my back.  Strawberry yogurt stings when you get it in your eye!!!  Of course, I was already showered and dressed for work and then had to go take another shower and change into a clean shirt.  (Luckily I had something clean to wear.)

Then driving to work, I discovered that I had gotten toothpaste on my clean shirt.  Of course, it was whitening toothpaste so the shirt is ruined with a big bleached spot on the chest.

What next?

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don't sweat the small stuff. :)

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