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I've been at my job nearly a year (longest I've ever had a full-time job! I'm only 21 though) and I'm not sure what to do. It's a high pressure role (continual deadlines, continual expectation to raise performance, increasing workload etc) and though I'm really doing my best, I really don't like it and I'm not sure how much longer I can take it! There's a lot of plus-sides to the role (good, steady income, learning/career opportunities, etc), but I just feel it's all too much.


But the CRAZY thing is that my manager thinks I'm doing a really good job and is really encouraging, and so I'm worried that quitting would be a really bad idea. After all, if HE thinks I'm good at what I'm doing (and he's got about 20 years more experience than I do!), then I feel that I shouldn't be questioning it. My manager is very good at making sure I stay focussed on my priority tasks and that my workload is realistic (when I started, she could see that I had a terrible habit of starting a dozen projects and finishing none of them) but inside I feel overwhemled, hopeless and stressed. I've changed ADHD medications/doses a few times since I've been at the job, in response to the pressure but it's not making a difference.


Should I just try and "get over it," feel grateful for the job I have and stop whining? Or look towards a less intense role?  

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Opps, I just noticed my typing error in the second paragraph. I wrote "she could see" when I meant "HE could see..." LOL.

I had a very similar situation with a job where I felt I was underperforming because my own expectations for productivity were so high. I'm used to working in a small business environment where you have to do EVERYTHING.


This was a corporate environment where I just couldn't get much done because of so many other people being involved, and I was so frustrated I almost quit. Finally I realized that if THEY didn't have a problem with my performance and thought I was the bomb, I needed to get over it and just take the money!

I've written quite a few posts regarding my poor work record (as a nurse) and I'd been fired from approx. 15 jobs - make that sixteen now -  I've worked at my present employer 1 yr and 3 months (in a nursing home) -  A new administrator just started a few days before - when I was called into the administrators office last Wed -  (usually Dir. of Nurses are involved in these things - not the administrator) - It was my day off and they asked me to come in to fix a nurses note - just a ruse to get me in there.  Then, they (a new supervisor and the administrator) proceded to rake me over the coals over 2 incidents which I did not consider an incident at all - I will not go into details since it is much too complicated.  I was given a suspension for my next 3 working days which is today (Sat) & Sun and next Tues - Apparently the human resources department has 3 days to investigate and decide whether to dump you (human resources is located elsewhere - its a regional office) After that I was so in shock that I could not remember either incident - they were horrified that I could not remember (I remembered later that night) and that she was hoping I was lying just to save myself - because not remembering was the worst possible thing I could say.  I had to write a comment on one of the papers which was written up on me - of course, I couldnt think of hardly anything to say - but I did write that I had ADHD and was covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act - and also discussed this with them -  She (admin) did state that forgetfullness has nothing to do with it and I couldnt use it as an excuse - I told her forgetfulness was one of the main symptoms - but she was  not convinced.  She then said "what accomodations would you need?" I said I was upset and would have to get back to her.  She said she needed a drs note - I actually had an appt. the next day and my therapist alread sent a letter confirming everything I said  - I was going to contact her and tell I remembered the incident much later that night but when I called, her machine went right to voice mail (that was Thurs) I couldnt bring myself to call again - I'm just here miserable going back and forth from the computer to the TV -  I did call a company I applied to work for about 2 yrs ago and they still have my paperwork - they said that have a part-time position (which is what I want) for an admissions nurse (in hospice) and I will be waiting for their call  - also attending attending a job fair for a home health agency on Tues-  My therapist says it's good that I notified them in writing of the ADHD but they could say I should have notified them sooner - Actually I had informed the previous administrator admin over 6 months - but not in writing.  I've also been forced to go off my meds about a week ago - couldnt afford the co-pay.  Thanks for letting me vent - SA

I understand how you feel. Even on medication that feeling of overwhelm and stress ect does not leave me. I guess we all feel like that at times adhd or not. I think that the level left behind after the meds kick in - is just normal response to working in that enviroment. all my collegues have to cope with fast paced work and that feeling is normal. It's just I feel it a bitmore because of the way my brain is wired and responds to stimuli around me. I kep telling myself that. And if my bosses rate my work and handle my adhd - and i do my best to manage it, then that is cool. I keep telling myself that the medication is not a magic wand. we all feel stress andoverwhelmed at work to some degree. me a bit more than most. but would be x10 worse if i was not on the adhd meds. so i am thankful for the lessening of those feelings.

I still feel those feelings inside all the time. I think that is something i am having to learn to accept and manage a bit better. adhd plays tricks on you and I think that I am just as good as anyone else. Just the medication does not cure it all. We all get stressed. i could be worse. if i am doing a good job then just relax. but i feel like i am an imposter and restless and that they will see through me. that is just my adhd playing up. meds not got rid of that residual feeling. i so got to work on that. you are not alone feeling the way you do.


Thanks for the reply - Since then, I have applied to several more places.  I'm going to the job fair today.
Good luck x

Susan Abrams said:
Thanks for the reply - Since then, I have applied to several more places.  I'm going to the job fair today.

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