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Discovering ADD later in life

Started by Julie. Last reply by Denise Mar 3. 55 Replies

This is probably a question more than a discussion.  However, there is no reason it cannot become a discussion. Do you think that had you known then what you know now,  your decisions would have been…Continue

Finally! An explanation for why I am the way I am.

Started by Amy . Last reply by Denise Mar 3. 11 Replies

I'm 61 and just discovered I have ADD. it explains everything!!! What a wonderful feeling just knowing there is a reason for all my struggles. Now, what can I do now that I know the cause? Already…Continue

Effects of medication as you age.

Started by Gail Rose. Last reply by Lisa Feb 19. 1 Reply

Hi,I am new to this website and wondered if anyone had information on the effects of ADHD medications as we grow older. I currently take Methylphenidate and the warnings continue to grow stronger,…Continue

Late Diagnosis...Perplexed at 63~~~

Started by irish queen. Last reply by Isis Nicole Kotrick Oct 25, 2013. 3 Replies

 I was tagged with ADHD  really late.  I suspected one day, started on my research pathand decided for myself that I was It !!  Then, it took two years, and many attempts at getting…Continue

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Comment by Marijo on March 10, 2013 at 2:26am

I was diagnosed with bipolar a few years ago. Was put on meds but I never felt much diffrence. I was also told I had ADD but that my main prob was BP the fact is I identify with ADHD much more than BP specially now. I have never been treated for ADD but now Im going out of my mind. Im 51 and since becoming menopausal my symptoms are much worst. I suffer from high blood pressure and pre diabetes, also fast heart rate (not too bad). Im a binge eater and now I cant stop eating sugar. It seems every med I look up has side effects like rapid heart rate. ANYONE what meds are out there that would be the safest for me to take... Thank you I just found this website I need to take control of my life


Comment by Lisa on December 15, 2012 at 1:30pm

I am 40 and I have been in and out of therapy for 15 years trying to figuire out what was wrong with me.It was as if I were peeling an onion the more I went to therapy the more I cried and found out all the layers were contacted to the coreof ADD.Not that there wasnt any other things going on in my life that contributed to the anxiety and depression, but I was 32 when I very bright therapist told me about the Adult ADD.I realized I had explanationon wh I couldnt ever focus n the teacher in school, and never could finish anything,never felt like I fit ion anywhere even with my ownself. I was so relieved that I wasnt clinicaly insane lol. I do take meds to help out with the depression and the add.Wow what a differince that has made,would have been better if I knew sooner.Im so glad I found a site to heal with.Please feel free to message me if anyone wants to talk Take care, Lisa

Comment by kathy barber on November 23, 2012 at 5:58pm

This site is wonderful - so much here in Oz is geared to the kids, and it is almost impossible to find recognition that   NO - YOU DON'T ALWAYS GROW OUT OF IT!!!        (My family doctor denied that adults can still have ADD/ADHD - unbelievable ignorance)

Thank you for being there - I may not show up often, but just wonderful to read others just like me, and know I am not alone.

Comment by Audrey on November 22, 2012 at 1:23am
Wow! Almost maker me cry discovering this group--I identify SO much!!! Makes my Thanksgiving so much better! Thank you all!!
Comment by Creative Mind Different-Order on January 31, 2012 at 11:44pm

I was diagnosed my senior year of high school and from there it all started coming together. I took medication, sought counseling, took classes on time management and read a lot of books on ADHD. After 10 years of being diagnosed I've focused my efforts on appreciating the positive side of the characteristics that come with ADHD. Check out my new blog with lots of creative goodies for overcoming challenges! http://creativewomenadhd.blogspot.com/

Comment by justtrying on January 4, 2012 at 1:10am

Oh Stacy, it sounds like the chaos you live with must be awful!  Maybe if you keep in mind what everybody's strengths are and then assign them the task it would take that off of your plate.  As for the hubby, well, it's education, education and more education about the issues of ADD/ADHD that will convince him more than anything else.  In the meantime, you may want to consider see the doctor, getting diagnosed and trying the meds no matter what the hubby thinks!  After all, you have a lot to do and the meds really make a difference.  You've got nothing to lose, and it can hardly get much worse.  Also, maybe try to find an ADHD support group in your area...finding others in a similar situation could be mighty helpful.  You are also welcome to visit my little blog http://addpositively.wordpress.com where I try to maintain a positive and realistic attitude with practical solutions to everyday life.  And sometimes it's just plain old funny...and laughing doesn't hurt:)

Comment by stacy j killeen on January 3, 2012 at 10:52pm

i am a 39 year old mom of two. when my daughter was diagnosed in 1st grade three years ago  i realized that i might have had alot of the same issues  as she was having as a younger girl,just like her....wow i always new i was different,but never new why.i always remember asking my mom why do the girls at school not like me and why cant i make friends?she  never had any other answer but ,they are just jealous ,honey you are beautiful...my older brother suffered  with adhd ,very hyperactive and was on ridalin all his childhood,,he posed quite a challenge for my mother so she never realized i needed assistance  as i had as  a young child...it has been so difficult as my daughter gets older to deal with her adhd and my own on top of having a three  year old with the adhd 9 tear old...uggg and my husband is not so supportive of my issue.he thinks meds are  a scam and believes my problems are made up and i should be able to deal with everything on my own,with no help from him and no support..not an easy task!sometimes i feel so incompetant.like im not cut out to do all of this in life,work mother housewife maid ya know and wife on top of it all...does anyone have any sound advice for me?help....signed stressed out women with add...

Comment by Milly on December 12, 2011 at 8:23am

Thanks, Faith.  I, too, have those times and feel especially vulnerable when I see my son having those times.  In fact I asked him about this "gift" idea as he is 26 and has ADD quite profoundly.  He immediately said that there are "gifts" within it for him.  He feels that he thinks and learns differently and that allows him to be more creative and more able to think out of the box than his fellow non ADDers.  He would not give that up for anything.  He finds, though, that the world around him doesn't learn, think or create that way and often "disables" him.  He can get really bogged down in the detail of having to do projects the way work/ school/university expects, i.e. with having to figure out complex demands and write down every step of the process that he uses to get where he gets.  He does a lot in his head and the creative solutions seem to pop from the sea of his brain as he follows every thread that takes his attention. I've always encouraged his unique learning style and mourned every time the world has trampled on it.  School has a lot to answer for.  

Comment by Faith on December 11, 2011 at 1:22am

Hi Milly....I hadn't read this in awhile and just wanted to say thanks to your response last Nov. I was just having one of those exhaustive, "I'm tired of this" moments....And I can so relate to your reaction to the darn forced check out thing....how that irritates me, too!!! It's not like one isn't tired enough....you get done shopping, etc. and then you have to learn to do that, now, too and do it each time while businesses continue to drive up their prices and treat employees like crap.

Comment by Marr on December 9, 2011 at 4:05pm

Milly, I've dealt with one of those self checkout one time. It was confusing to me and I only had one container with a bar code. It made me terribly nervous, and I would have been challenged as well with all the other stuff too. I don't get it, what is the purpose of self check out if you have to use a checker to help you, who could have just as well done it regular their self. Dah!

To me ADD is not a gift, but if you can show me and help me see what it does for me individually I might get it. I'm not hyperactive, I feel confused as to how to fit in all that I'm supposed to do at home, work 6-7 hrs weekday job (even though it's not a demanding job) and have time for myself to persue what I'm good at. Everything that has to do with home life is challenging. I don't know how to fit it all in and not exhaust myself and have other personal time.


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