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Come share success with us! A place to brag and celebrate our accomplishments, big or little. Appreciating ourselves and each other is what this is about! 

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Want to get and give some of the good stuff?  I want to have a place here where we celebrate ourselves- talk about something good, something you did that you're proud of. We spend so much time chasing our tails instead of enjoying the full length of our stride.  Let's shift our focus away from problem solving for a little while and enjoy our gifts. What's your passion? What are your convictions, accomplishments? What do you appreciate in yourself and your world? 

My idea is so start a group with bragging rights. Bragging about ourselves, no holds barred. (Well, it should be based on something actually real.)

Did you open the door for someone when your arms were full of stuff/ kids? Remember to ask your neighbor about their sick cat? Did you get an award at work? Stop at a yellow light for the first time?  Resist the urge to yell at someone (or thing !) ? Nothing about our kids or partners, just ourselves.

Why?  Because we need support. We need fun, and encouragement, compliments, appreciation. We all spend time looking at our issues and trying to solve them and talking about each other's issues and possible solutions. 

This can be therapeutic, but too much in our ADHD lives is about the negative. I don't know about you but I get overwhelmed with all the losses, and looking at all the problems that need to be solved sometimes.

In the middle of all this we all have areas of competence, though, and we ignore those. 

What I'm talking about is not denial, but a full look at the whole of ourselves.  I'd like to get some gals who will join with me and commit (in an ADHD way) to checking in at least once a week to brag and compliment. I think shifting our focus can be energizing, and giving each other support can be affirming.   

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After dealing with a crazy amount of anxiety for months, I found myself in the hands of a hypnotist. I can't say that the ADHD is miraculously resolved. But the worry and anxiety loops have faded.…Continue

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Started by heron. Last reply by L. Lunette Sep 13, 2012. 3 Replies

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Started by Jude. Last reply by heron Oct 17, 2011. 3 Replies

Here's a little thing I'm happy about.  Last week, one of the people on my staff - who is also a close friend of mine - had to go out of town suddenly with her husband because her mother in law…Continue

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Comment by L. Lunette on August 23, 2012 at 4:35pm

This week was a culmination of a lot of long term steps for me. I've been looking for work for years now, and got my license back and a job interview. That's not what I want to write about, though. I'm just proud of my belief in myself. Through a lot of dark days there were people around me who didn't believe in me. I was really surprised and sad to realize they had been untruthful about encouragement. So believing in myself despite evidence to the contrary is what I'm proud of. I suspect there are a lot of you who feel the need to do the same thing, and just getting through the day can be tough. 

We get a lot of negative messages about ourselves. Socially, financially, appearance, career, romantically, as parents. The grief and isolation that comes from that experience can be, in my experience, harder to deal with than the actual ADHD symptoms. Then to keep going and trying despite the rejection and sense of failure is tougher still. So that's what I'm celebrating, in me and you. The things we do well and succeed at and the way we keep finding those in a sea of grief sometimes. 

Comment by L. Lunette on June 29, 2012 at 5:09pm

Today I'm proud that I remembered to come back here and post this!  Seriously, it can be hard when you feel like you've fallen off the train, to get back on, esp in a public forum.  So kudos to me for writing this, ha! How about you? What are you proud of today?  

Comment by Jude on October 13, 2011 at 8:13am
Hi, L. Lunette!  Thank you so much for the nice comments about my blog.  I really appreciate it!  I love your idea for the Celebrations group.  So, here I am!  : D
Comment by L. Lunette on October 12, 2011 at 11:13pm

Hey all,  Well, guess I'll get this party started here.  


The thing I did that I'm proud of right now is starting this little group.  I've been thinking about it for maybe a year now, maybe more, and finally did it!  


I actually started at the Moms with ADHD site, and was struck with how hard everyone was working, yet often getting a sense of overwhelming challenges. My thinking was two parts:  First, I know for things to be effective you need a ratio of much more positive messages than negative. Second, women are more likely to want to be here if they can feel good about themselves when they participate. 


Have you ever experienced the snowball effect in your life?  For me it goes both ways, things getting bad get much worse with criticism and embarrassment.  Similarly, I get energized and motivated when things that are going well and being recognized by other people in my life. 

I shared this idea with Terry, and she recommended I start a group. So here it is ~


I'd love to see this be a place to get the ball rolling back on the upswing.  So welcome, what's new and cool in your life today?  :)



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